Monday, June 18, 2007

Rekomendasi #6

Magelang, 26 February, 2007
Pengelola Program Magang Internasional periode 2007-2008
Yayasan Kelola, Jakarta in cooperation with
Asialink, Centre, Australia
The Asian Cultural Council, United States of America
Ref: Letter of recommendation
Dear Sirs and Madams,
I have known Ms Nunuk Ambarwati for several years. From the first time I met her, she already showed high appreciation for art. Besides, her social intercourse with the art world (collectors, galleries, curators, writers, event organizers) in general and artists in particular has always been very good.
Knowing her better, I observed that she was always carving for more knowledge and experience in art, particularly contemporary art. In this respect Ms Nunuk Ambarwati had been involved in the activities of Cemeti Art Foundation for some period.
Last year she joint our team in organizing a wedding art event where 80 prominent artists were participating; an art event never happened before. It was to a significant part due to her contribution that this art event became a great success. In this collaboration I noticed that she has great responsibility for her work.
Since the end of 2006 Ms Nunuk is employed as program manager of the new established Jogja Gallery where I am appointed as one of the advisers. In a short period she has proven her capability to execute her job very well. Since the opening of this Gallery there have been continuous activities. After an exhibition is terminated a new exhibition follows immediately, besides other activities like art talks.
Nationally she has built a significant knowledge and experience in programming and organizing art events. If she could get the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and experience internationally, it definitely would be a great benefit for the Indonesian art world since Ms Nunuk Ambarwati’s dedication to art is beyond doubt.
Yours sincerely,
Oei Hong Djien
Art Collector
Owner and curator of OHD Art Museum
Board member of Singapore Art Museum
Board member of Art Retreat Museum, Singapore
Curator of Museum H. Widayat
Adviser of Jogja Gallery
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