Monday, June 18, 2007

Rekomendasi #5

Jakarta, February 3, 2007
Pengelola Program Magang Internasional periode 2007-2008
Yayasan Kelola, Jakarta
I have known Nunuk Ambarwati prior to the opening of Jogja Gallery on September 19, 2007. Nunuk Ambarwati has been assigned as the Program Manager of Jogja Gallery. Prior to joining Jogja Gallery, Nunuk Ambarwati had been working for Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta is the birthplace of many famous artists in Indonesia, but, ironically, Yogyakarta didn’t have a common facility that can satisfactorily showcase the talents of the artists. To bring a great contribution to the preservation and strengthening of Yogyakarta’s identity as the cultural hub of Indonesia, Jogja Gallery was founded and is pleased to appoint Nunuk Ambarwati as our Program Manager.
Not like other galleries that either mostly funded by the government or individual artists, Jogja Gallery was fully funded individuals (including myself) to support the preservation and development of culture, art, and social life. The challenge arises when the executives of Jogja Gallery are requested to prepare a program that balances the quality of arts and the survival of the gallery. I was initially pessimist about the capability of the executives who are all with virtually no background in business. Surprisingly, Nunuk Ambarwati has been demonstrated her capability and talent to set a one year program in very short time period that satisfiying the business approach without sacrificing the quality of the arts. Among other programs, the “Icon: Retrospective”, “Young Arrows”, the “Art from Tunisia” (join exhibition with the Government of Tunisia), the “Thousand Mysteries of Borobudur” (join exhibition with UNESCO), Indonesian Student Art, etc, are considered as monumental exhibitions that can only be prepared by a talented person such as Nunuk Ambarwati.
As the President Director of Jogja Gallery, I have no doubt concerning the quality and talent of Nunuk Ambarwati, and consider her as the key persons at Jogja Gallery.
Sugiharto Soeleman
President Director

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