Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kinci's Imagination

Solo exhibition by Roby Dwi Antono
21 April - 30 May 2012
Tirana House - Boutique & Artspace
Jalan Suryodiningratan No 55 Yogyakarta 

One afternoon, a friend of mine, Iwan Effendy recommended me to see Roby Dwi Antono’s artworks. I was so excited, feeling like just finding an oasis in the middle of a dessert (art scene). Then I thought I had found a new idol. He was born in 1990 in Ambarawa, Central Java. He lives in Yogyakarta and has been working as illustrator and graphic designer since 2010. Despites his young age, his artworks are really refreshing. From the very first time we met, I knew he is a down-to-earth person. He admitted that he started drawing since kindergarten. He never studied art in art school. He developed his painting skill in Vocational High School of Engineering. He took class of graphic design. He used pencil first when he started drawing, then he used color pencil, pastel and poster paint. He also had tried using paper, canvas and wood. He explored the media during his learning. His curiosity to use other types of media than pencil always drives him to create works. At present he is learning to use acrylic applied on canvas. He admitted that he has not had chance to use oil paint.
His artworks are influenced by those of world artists like Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ray Caesar, Jana Brike and Dilka Bear. His family, friends, daily things including his childhood also have important role in influencing his works. He said that Mark Ryden is one of his favorite artists. Rayden is American artist. He is the king of Pop Surrealism movement. For him, the artist is very amazing, not only because of his fine and beautiful visualization but also of the mystery enclosed deeply within his works. “Watching his, artworks, I feel like I am falling into them and able to feel what he paints”, Roby said. Likewise, when we look at Roby’s works, it feels like we are inside them, closely feeling their attractiveness, happiness, sadness and even tragedy. It is like we are entering a dream world. Every mystery is made to make everyone freely contemplate and draw their own conclusions from what they see. 
The theme “Imagination” has appeared out of Roby’s conversation with a friend about their childhood dreams. According to him, we cannot limit whatever we will do in the future, we are never afraid to have dreams. Within an imagination surely lies a strong ambition to make it come true. Such spirit could be felt in his debut exhibition. As quoted from Walt Disney - If you can dream it, you can do it.
In accordance with this headline, Roby would like to share the beauty of children imaginations so that we will always keep our dreams alive. Because usually as we gets older and older, our ambition to accomplish our childhood dream collide with fear of failure. A great idea sometimes comes from impossible imagination. “So, free you imagination,” Roby advised. He has made some researches with his friends as the subjects to find out their childhood dreams. He randomly did the research with friends of the same, younger and much older age. He sort and chose dreams that were considered interesting and imaginative enough. Then he put them into his artworks, combining them with his own imaginations. So, here they are 15 new artworks being exhibited now, along with 5 old artworks as references for comparison.  
Although his artworks belong to surrealism, daily realities are of his inspirations in the process of creations. For this exhibition Roby is presenting artworks of pencil drawing on paper. According to him, drawing is the mother of the beauty of visual art. Every attractive works of art comes from a simple drawing/sketch. Concerning drawing technique with pencil, he prefers shading to blending one. He uses mechanical pencils because with them he can make small objects in detail. His reason of using pencil than other instruments is that for him with pencil it is easier to communicate his ideas. With pencil he also enjoys every stroke and sketch. An attractive subject on drawing medium can be created with different intensity of thickness made with pencil strokes. His skill of using acrylic paint can also be seen in one of the works being exhibited, namely the work titled “Pilu Lalu”.
If we observe especially his drawing works more deeply, we can see that he always have empty space in each of his work. He said that empty space can make his subject get correct focus. Therefore, it is easier for his audience to understand what he tries to communicate through his works although in nature surrealism is hard to understand. For him empty space in an artworks is like air with what the subject of the artworks “breaths”. His reasons above are based on his experiences and education background with graphic design.
            About the rabbit, here is Kinci. It is the character all this time Roby uses in his works. He said that Kinci the rabbit symbolizes the sensitivity to beauty, coziness and mystery like art itself. Although sometimes it looks dumb, it is indeed a cute animal. It hates violence, criticism, untidiness and filthiness. He admitted that it is like him. The rabbits in his works are actually himself, his alter ego. For him, he wants everyone to know him from these rabbits.   
Enjoy the works. Keep imagining and hopefully get inspired!
Nunuk Ambarwati
Interview via email with Roby Dwi Antono, 4 April 2012. (downloaded on 7 April 2012).
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