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Tolerance of Nindityo Adipurnomo

Yogyakarta, pretty hot today! 2001
Dear Ian,It doesn't feel like I've been working at the gallery (Cemeti Art House) for two years now. Hey, quite a long time, honey! Do you think it's long time? When I first started working there, Ndit was rather awkward with me, but it turned out he doesn't find it easy to mix with people, especially people he's never met before. He says he uses the yin and yang principle (Friday, September 13, 2001). Using that principle worked out in the end. Lots of joking around! Remember the time he was so amazed and laughed at himself? When he was still using 'the finishing touch' tehcnique so he could complete a watercolour in one day. So what? (Saturday, September 22, 2001).

Well! Have you ever thought about what would happen if no one was interested in or talked about Ndit's work anymore? He says my question is abstract, so there are lots of possible answers. But he seems really optimistic, he says that's the way it is in fact, that there's not much interest in his work here (in Indonesia), so for him it's not a problem. "If, let's say, the situation really was like that, well... it would mean I'd be 'dead', he said. But he doesn't believe that an artist's creativity diminishes or dissappears, an artist will always create something new. That's why it's not a good idea to have a 'trademark', because when the 'market' doesn't like it anymore, well... then it won't sell. (Sunday, September 16, 2001). What about you, Ian? Do you like his work?

The strange thing is, he doesn't have an obsession about art! Because he doesn't want to get trapped in the situation where art is the only reality, when in fact art is only a small part of reality. For him life is art and he realises that art is a reality of life itself. (Wednesday, September 19, 2001).

If you think about it, Tono asked a great question that evening too, one I'd never thought about before. Tono said, lots of Ndit's works use elements of Javanese tradition, but why was his wife a foreigner? Aha?! He calmly replied, "You cand work that one out of yourself". Okay, so that's a personal question. (Saturday, September 22, 2001).

Ian, do you think Ndit is a succesful artist or not? He would say that he doesn't feel he's success yet. If he did, then he'd be 'dead'. He think that each artist must have his or her own yardstick. An artist's interaction with different people can take many forms, it might be spiritual, or exchange of ideas, whatever. If success in this sense is the goal, then it's up to the artist. If this interaction really takes place, then the artist could be called a success, he said. Perhaps his answer will be different in five years time. (Sunday, September 22, 2001).

Oh... sometimes I feel so bored working there, I want to get far away and just do whatever I want every day. Yes, do whatever I want! Like Ndit did one day with Sae and Yona when he was bored. They just played with soap bubbles for three hours on the top of the Gading gateway! Well? He says he's always trying to return to the real concept of life. The way to stop feeling bored is to do something different, something that you didn't think you'd enjoy doing or something that's not related to your work. Then you'll start and then you'll miss your work. Unfortunetely, I'm not the boss like he is. (Friday, September 28, 2001).
With love, Nunuk

Note from Nindityo Adipurnomo:
Nunuk (1976) lives in Yogyakarta. When I returned from my residency at Cardiff (August 1999), Nunuk had already started working at Cemeti Art House. It was at that time Nunuk and Ian (Nunuk's close friend) eagerly began "forcing" me to get to know the cyberworld and all its ins and outs. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Published at "Tolerance/Toleran", Nindityo Adipurnomo, publisher: Nindityo Adipurnomo, Yogyakarta, Januari 2002, p.14-15

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